Create an out of this world cheesecake experience and bring a quality dessert to the Twin Cities, and beyond. We strive to provide outstanding, flavorful cheesecakes to customers for any occasion.


As a wholesale provider, we enjoy preparing home style, made from scratch desserts in large quantities for guests of any establishment. Interested in having our cheesecakes on your menu? Join our partnership today.


Woman looking at a regular and chocolate flavored cheesecake on a table.

Cheesecake Funk™ was started by owner and head baker, Vanessa Drews in 2003 to share with family and friends. In 2008, our cheesecakes became the only dessert offered at McMahon’s Irish Pub, in South Minneapolis. After a tragic event, the pub burned down in 2010 and Vanessa chose to focus on her full-time job as a Senior Paralegal.


Plans of baking cheesecakes for large-scale consumers were put on hold, however, cheesecake continued to be a staple dessert that was requested by family and friends.

In August 2019, Vanessa made the life-changing decision to step away from her legal career and step into a new path of growing her Cheesecake Funk™ business full-time.


"It has been an amazing experience to expand into many restaurants across the Twin Cities and to connect directly with customers."

- Vanessa Drews


They say the best experiences happen when you least expect it. This certainly is the case with Shark Tank! A friend passed along information to Vanessa that Shark Tank was set to hold auditions for Season 12 in Minneapolis. Vanessa submitted information on behalf of Cheesecake Funk™, and shortly thereafter, she received confirmation of her audition.


"I auditioned with producers of the show, along with VPI Consulting, and pitched Cheesecake Funk™. I have yet to hear back, but am always crossing my fingers that one day I will get the opportunity to make an appearance on the show."

The world needs more Cheesecake Funk™, and I'm certain the sharks would LOVE it!

Cheesecake next to a Shark Tank poster