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2020 - Wow. 2021, Welcome!

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Cheesecake is something I'm so passionate about, and to be honest, 2020 had me at times questioning whether or not to continue on with this path, or return to my roots in the legal world (as a Paralegal). Everyone at some point this year questioned something, each of us dealing with the impact Covid-19. 2020 taught me to dig deep into fulfilling my dreams and staying steadily on course with my goals. I am forever grateful to everyone who has supported Cheesecake Funk, sent positive messages to keep going, and joyfully picked up curbside cheesecake orders. Your support kept me going during the difficult days of baking solo - again, I thank you!

This year continued to show me that community support is a joyous thing, and in turn, it warms my heart to give back to my community by providing world class cheesecake. Examples, who could resist these gems?

Partnering with Casey Cornell of Ope! Brands was a huge highlight. Photos above by Casey Cornell. Showcasing Cheesecake Funk in amazing photos helped convey my love for creating cheesecakes and also inspired me to create more and more!

Cheesecake Funk can currently be found on the menu at many locations across the Twin Cities: B.A.D. Wingz, Bearpath Country Club, Cologne House Cafe, Crave American Kitchen & Sushi Bar restaurants, Soul Bowl, The Suburban, Tequila Butcher and MinnyRow Market. It is an honor to create cheesecakes for these amazing locations, and it's wonderful hearing from people across the metro area on how much they've enjoyed chowing down on Cheesecake Funk at these locations.

As we move into 2021, my wish for everyone is good health, joy and loads of laughter. As a mother of a six year old and four year old, I also hope all of our children can return to some normalcy and school. From my family to yours, Happy New Year and thank you again for supporting and sharing your love for Cheesecake Funk!


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