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Cheesecake Funk is HeRe to Stay!

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Sometimes when you have a vision, a goal, a passion for something, it becomes a reality with dedication and determination. Welcome to this cheesecake journey, this path of continued growth and a testiment to everyone to follow your dreams. The growth of Cheesecake Funk has been an amazing journey and soon the world will know all about it!

Back in 2008 when my cheesecakes landed as the sole dessert item on the menu at McMahon's Irish Pub in South Minneapolis, I knew baking for the masses brought me great joy. I knew that my creations would be loved by the world, but the biggest hurdle would be getting "Cheesecake by Vanessa" - the name at the time - to the masses.

Growing up in Minneapolis, it always seemed like a great gift to be from the same town as my favorite musician, Prince. 2013 brought me into a joyous musical time - a whirlwind of amazing concerts and events at Paisley Park - too many to count. It was even more of a dream to accept a job of selling merchandise for Prince during events at Paisley Park. From 2013 through 2016, Prince hosted some incredible magical musical moments that I am forever grateful to have witnessed.

You may ask, how does cheesecake fit into the picture?

A continuation of wanting to share my cheesecakes with people, I began providing cheesecakes to members of the New Power Generation to enjoy while they were working so hard during rehearsals. I wanted to welcome them to Minnesota and bring a bit of homemade goodness to them during their time visiting. It warms my heart that everyone enjoyed it, and soon the Boss himself gave it a try and loved it!

Prince soon began referencing my cheesecake as "Cheesecake Funk" on invitations to Paisley Park, and I knew my vision of spreading my cheesecake to the masses needed to happen. The idea of getting my cheesecakes into more restaurants was the new goal, new vision and new priority.

Fast-forward to 2019. Cheesecake Funk is licensed as a Wholesale Food Processor and Manufacturer! As such, Cheesecake Funk produces large quantities of cheesecakes for the masses!

Cheesecake Funk can be found around the Twin Cities in many restaurants! It can be found at Crave American Kitchen & Sushi bar locations in Minnesota: Edina (in the Galleria), Mall of America, Maple Grove, Minneapolis, Roseville, St. Louis Park and Woodbury. In addition, you can find Cheesecake Funk at Peoples Organic in Eden Prairie and Edina (in the Galleria). If you're in the south-metro, give Cheesecake Funk a try at School of the Wise in Victoria.

If you can't make it to restaurants and order Cheesecake Funk, you may have it delivered to you through Bite Squad - local to the Twin Cities!

Cheesecake Funk is HeRe to bring an outstanding brand of cheesecake to the masses in Minnesota! If you're hosting an event, planning a wedding, party or celebration and need amazing dessert to WOW your family and friends - let's connect and get some amazing funky-good Cheesecake Funk into your world!

Stay tuned for additional growth in the coming weeks...Cheesecake Funk is ready to feed the masses!


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