Chocolate Rain Cheesecake

Chocolate Rain Cheesecake: Traditional cheesecake topped with chocolate. Simple and delicious!


Cheesecake Funk is a unique and delicious brand of cheesecakes. Each cheesecake is prepared with quality grade ingredients and highlights our one of a kind golden cinnamon crust. Our cheesecakes provide an amazing cheesecake experience.


Gluten Free Optional


The Chocolate Rain cheesecake can be made with our optional Gluten Free crust as well. This cheesecake is our standard cheesecake filling, which is gluten free, and the crust is made with a layor of Heath Bar (chocolate and toffee) candy. If you would like this option, please indicate "Gluten Free" in your order notes. 



Whipped Cream ($7.50) - Homemade 32 ounce container of freshly made whipped cream. Pairs wonderfully with any of our cheesecakes.

Chocolate Rain Cheesecake